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If you’re anything like us, you might get a bit overwhelmed when scrolling through Instagram around the holidays. Endless posts about holiday recipes and decoration and entertaining that leave you wondering where anyone finds the time to make things seem that perfect! It can’t just be us!

But hey, we like entertaining and making things look all Martha Stewart-like too. We just need to simplify for the sake of our lives and our wallets. Today we’re sharing a few fun and simple and most importantly, affordable ways to make your Thanksgiving “Instagram worthy” if you will!

These are things you can do for cheap, with or without the kiddos, and super last minute! Hosting well isn’t just for bloggers, and we are here to prove that to you!

Fall Fabric 
here’s a quick and simple way to dress up your table! Head on over to your local craft store and pick up a yard or two of a cute fall fabric! This should be fairly affordable (as long as you don’t go for like the pure silk) and really make it look like you’ve gone all out! It’s crazy that as soon as someone turns fabric into an official table runner or placemat and puts in the holiday section it gets all expensive. I’ll include some fun print ideas below and also a few ways to use it! The fun thing about fabric is that it’s also a super easy way to bring together a theme or show off your style. Even within a similar print category there are lots of different vibes and ways to express your individual style!

Traditional Plaid
Plaid is a forever fall favorite. You can take it in so many directions! You can get bright and colorful shades or keep it more muted and warm—either way it’s sure to shine at your Turkey Day

table. Here are a few fun fabric swatches I found on the World Wide Web for inspiration

Flannel can also be plaid so you can totally mix two categories here, but this is also a great way to keep it warm and calm and use the texture to tell the story. Find a deep berry or a warm taupe and drape “warmly” over the table. Think blanket style here!

Burlap is always a winner in my opinion, but especially at fall. It’s cheap and you get a lot for your money and it definitely brings the autumn vibes in a big way! It’s also easy to use in all sorts of different ways!

Buffalo Check
This guy has made a big comeback in the last few years. Seems to be everywhere! I think it’s traditionally looked at as a Christmas print, but there are lots of colors that make it totally great for the last days of autumn as well. I think this print has the ability to give your look that farmhouse spin or also to make it really clean and modern!

Here are some fun ways to use your fabric finds

1. The most obvious of course is to use it as a table cloth and cover the entire table!

2. Have the fabric cut in such a way that you can use it as a table runner—don’t even worry bout rough edges!

2. Cut into squares or circles to use as placemats under each place setting

3. Use excess or cut small strips to use as napkin rings. Tie the cutlery together or tie up the napkin and place on each plate

4. Grab a fabric marker and use scraps as place cards

5. Wrap some around mason jars to use as candle holders or vases in your centerpiece

Butcher Paper 
Why not skip the fabric all together! Pick yourself up a roll of brown butcher paper and go to town! Butcher paper gets a category all its own because it’s so versatile! Here are some ways you can use one roll in several ways!

1. Roll down the center of your table as a table runner. Leave pens out for friends and family to write what they’re thankful for during dinner and then take some time to share

2. Cut a piece to fit down table center and allow kids to decorate their own table runner!

3.  Cut a placemat of sorts for each table setting. Allow kids to decorate beforehand or even allow guests to make their own when they get there and you’re finishing up dinner! You could also put each person’s name and something you appreciate about them

4. Write out the menu and hang it up for guests to see

Pumpkins + Squash 
I mean, this is a no brainer! I have seen so many incredibly elegant, fun, and adorable ways to use pumpkins as place settings and center pieces! I’m going to include a few links to ideas and inspiration below!

As a side note, painting or decorating pumpkins for the thanksgiving table could be a great kid activity while school is out this week and a great way to get them involved!

Greenery Goes a Long Way 
Eucalyptus eucalyptus eucalyptus. I cannot say it enough. There’s a million versions of it, it’s inexpensive, and it brings life and elegance to any table setting in practically any season. I do tend to prefer it in fall and winter though! Throw a couple of bunches in your cart when you’re sticking up for turkey day and we’ll show you a few ways to use it

1. place one or two stems in several mason jars of various heights and line down the center is your table on top of whatever you’ve chosen as your table runner—or without one at all! It will look clean and classic either way! If you’re table is round, arrange it in a large bunch in a taller vase and set tea lights around the bottom, or split it into 3-5 jars of different heights and still scatter the tea lights for a warm and natural look

2. Pull apart stems and leaves to lay on each place along with a name card or to tuck into each cutlery setting

3. Scatter sprigs among other center piece ideas—candles and or pumpkins for example—to add a natural touch

*we do want to note that eucalyptus is not great for pets. If you have a dog or cat who is prone to get into things, keep it out of reach or skip it all together! We love our fur babies and want you to be aware!

Remember that florals are not only for spring and summer and you don’t have to stick to seasonal flowers either! Grab some tulips in a deep red or orange color or even in white to mix in or split up some daisies! We don’t think there are rules when it comes to flowers!

Mason Jars 
These are something that we all have lying around at this point and they can be used in so many ways to spruce up your holiday entertaining! Here are a few ideas!

1. Don’t splurge on vases, grab all your jars and line them up down the center is your table. Split up flowers and greenery or simply set a tea light in the bottom of each to give your meal a warm glow. This would be a lovely and extremely inexpensive addition to the butcher paper plan above!

2. If you’re going with a more buffet approach, set silverware out in mason jars as a simple way to dress things up

3. On the morning of thanksgiving, send kids out to collect leaves and pine cones. Use their findings to fill the mason jars and scatter along the table to being the sites and smells of fall inside

Place Cards 
there are endless simple and affordable ways to make place cards and place cards are such an easy way to make it look like you put a lot of effort into entertaining and to make guests feel extra special! Here are a few of our favorites that definitely mark the simple and affordable boxes:

1. When you’re at Walmart grabbing some last minute items, take a quick sweep through the hardware department. Yep—you heard us right. Find the paint swatches and go nuts! These are absolutely free and such a fun way to display names and add color to your table! You can keep the color scheme the same or mix it up—get creative! We personally love the strips that I close several shades of the same color, but you could also stick to one color swatch per plate. Grab a sharpie or a metallic pen on your way to the checkout and there ya have it!

2. Leaves. Get outside with the kids, spend some time looking for leaves that are durable enough for writing on, and bring them in! Use a sharpie to write guests names and lay them on plates.

3. Make that butcher paper go even further! Gather the kids and the cookie cutters, trace and cut some autumn shapes (leaves, pumpkins, acorns, etc) and write names for each setting!

Including a link here with lots of other fun and creative ideas!
Place Cards

Be sure to share pics of your thanksgiving dinner! We’d love to share with our community and see how you all got creative and made it your own!

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